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Hi there, personal statement writer!

I’m delighted you’re visiting my site and that you want to know a bit more about me.

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David’s Early Years

I began my career as an actor, gaining a BA in Performing Arts from Middlesex University. A keen musician, I found myself busy working in community theatre, musicals, pantomime and experimental devised theatre.

I saw the world, learned about creativity, and built a diverse transferable skill-set.

I particularly enjoyed Theatre In Education and working with and directing young people. That became an active interest as the rewards of engaging with young people every day grew.

The energy and positivity (and sometimes cheeky senses of humour) were something I came to cherish in my life. So, after a decade on the stage, I moved out of professional acting and gained a PGCE at the Institute of Education, University of London.

After this, I worked at Farnborough Sixth Form College, becoming a personal tutor and Head of the Drama Department. I learned a great deal about supporting, motivating, and challenging teenage students and became very familiar with the UK Higher Education sector.

Not wanting to lose touch with my creative roots, I continued to develop my own theatre pieces and toured a solo show around the UK over two years.

Moving Into the Higher Education Sector

In 2007 I took over as Head of Drama and Sixth Form tutor at Godolphin, an award-winning independent school in Wiltshire, UK.

During my time there, I took on other roles, including House Tutor, Personal Tutor, Head of House, Head of Fifth Year, and most pertinent to my work on this website, Head of Sixth Form.

As a Senior Management Team member, I contributed to developing and implementing policy and played a role in marketing and copywriting.

Principally, however, I was responsible for the pastoral and academic progress of the Sixth Form students. Much of this responsibility centred around career guidance and establishing effective co-curricular programmes.

UCAS and Copywriting Skills Combine

More recently, most of my work was as the UCAS Centre Lead.

In this role, I worked with hundreds of students as they developed and improved their personal statements.

I also worked with admissions teams, managed apprenticeships and worked with industry professionals such as Foresight Careers and Elevate Education to explore the changing educational and employment landscape.

To enable a broader range of students to develop extraordinary personal statements, I developed a parallel career on Fiverr and have since worked with hundreds of applicants worldwide.

From Dance to Medicine and Oxbridge to Drama School, it has been a privilege to support students in developing high-quality applications that get results.

Moving Forward with Personal Statement Planet

I now devote much more time to this site and am developing a new career as a copywriter and freelance creative. You can check out my portfolio of services here.

I enjoy spending time with my wife Sophie and my children, Nick and Abigail. I’m also quite keen on showing my roots with some amateur dramatics!

If you’d like to chat 1:1 about developing your academic writing, you can contact me here.

Alternatively, you can check out my portfolio of personal statement services here or hit the link below to check out my Personal Statement Template eBook.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the site and all the valuable free resources you’ll find here.