Postgraduate Personal Statement Example: Creative Industries

Reading examples of personal statements can be valuable when applying to a university or college course. 

After all, personal statement examples can teach you how to write and structure your application, and you can quickly learn how to write a personal statement by examining others.

But with so many university personal statement examples available, how do you know if you’re reading a good one?

Postgraduate personal statements should highlight relevant academic and practical experience, research skills and ambitions and their suitability for the course. This postgraduate personal statement example for Creative Industries considers these three critical elements.

Studying master’s degree personal statement examples can be especially valuable. They’re sometimes referred to as personal mission statements or statements of purpose, so if you’re tasked with writing a personal mission statement, the following example will work for you.

I’ve broken down this personal statement example section by section, with a commentary on each element. 

That way, you’ll see its strengths and weaknesses and get some inspiration for your own personal statement.

Once you’ve read the personal statement example and analysis, you can download a pdf of the whole document to use as inspiration for your own!

Postgraduate Personal Statement Example: Creative Industries

Personal Statement Example: Introduction

“During my internship at a traditional animation studio, I assisted with the development of derivatives for the film Legend of Deification. This allowed me to gain an understanding of cost-effective strategies for commercialising an IP. Whilst box office profit is essential, understanding which derivative products appeal to specific audience groups is critical to lasting financial stability. Our predictions were less than accurate, motivating me to gain a deeper theoretical understanding to underpin my practical skill set.

Larger streaming platforms can more easily predict outcomes by applying data and algorithms, the accuracy of which contributes considerably to the manageability of risk. Working at CoCo, a well-known streaming platform in China, I witnessed decision-making based on tens of thousands of users’ data, including comment frequency, search data and fast-forward actions. This accurately summarised popular video products and how likely audiences are to pay for them. Consequently, I aspire to refine the business models used in the traditional film and TV industry and learn how to more efficiently and flexibly manage creative production processes with information systems.”

My Commentary and Analysis 

This introduction begins without a preamble and immediately outlines the writer’s engagement with the subject. It considers their experience and introduces a range of relevant vocabulary that connects the reader with the writer’s legitimate desire to pursue this subject.

The second paragraph balances information about the writer’s background whilst outlining skills and relating these to their interest in this particular course.

There’s little obvious, direct connection to the specifics of the course being applied for, but this introduction convincingly establishes the writer’s background and skills.

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Personal Statement Example: Academic Background

“My undergraduate studies in Production and Management of Virtual Space Culture have strengthened my academic research interests. Analysing the factors that caused the film industry to suffer from Baumol’s cost disease twice whilst preparing for my final paper, I determined that the production segment is still a stagnant sector. Attempting to develop a solution, I identified the need to answer challenging questions. How can digital assets in virtual studios be managed to alleviate the high cost of the production process?  How can data encryption balance data security and licensing flexibility in response to digital rights issues? 

Studying at Marshall University, a top institution specialising in media, TV and film, has given me the opportunity for frequent contact with creative business management. Preparing my distribution plan in the International Film Distribution class, I examined and compared the differences in distribution and release strategies between independent and commercial films. The former tend to maintain a more prolonged release schedule and offer a longer gap between multiple release rounds, giving more time for marketing and reputation fermentation.

Taking the optional course Startup Company Financing and Financial Planning, I acquired knowledge in corporate financial management, including investment, financing and working capital. Using Tableau for data visualisation and completing a profit model analysis, I subsequently analysed the financial reports of the domestic streaming platform iQiyi. With a comparative perspective, I also gained an overall understanding of the development model of media platforms, which has prepared me comprehensively for this postgraduate degree.”

My Commentary and Analysis

The writer references a relevant undergraduate degree here, and outlines the value of the skills and experience gained. This is an important aspect of writing any personal statement, as admissions readers want to see connections between prior and future learning.

The writer also indicates a background in research and analysis and offers opinions related to key aspects of their learning. This is a positive approach for a master’s application, as readers will also want to see evidence of the applicant’s research potential.

This section also outlines the writer’s connection to wider study and demonstrates an excellent command of analytical tools, relating these learning experiences to their value on the course.

It’s a compelling and engaging section, full of relevant detail and proof of suitability.

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Personal Statement Example: Practical Experience

“Engaging in teamwork-based filmmaking training while studying digital media arts facilitated my creativity and technical skills. Working as a director to complete a virtual reality film required me to familiarise myself with VR systems and immersive narration and gave me the opportunity to explore new forms of visual expression. Equally, producing over ten short films honed my abilities to organise casting, crew, shooting and post-production on a limited budget, cultivating my ability to proactively enact cooperation to achieve mutual goals.

Working collaboratively to design a digital strategy for a local museum has added to my experience of creative and analytic approaches to cultural knowledge preservation and communication. My role was to present the text and pictures related to historical exhibits digitally. I applied the augmented reality system in the exhibition, designing the storyline and storyboard so that the materials could be presented as roaming scenarios. This developed my lateral thinking skills, fast learning ability, communication and collaboration skills.”

Commentary and Analysis

The writer moves from academic skills to practical application in this section, indicating a sound understanding of techniques and processes that would be of relevance to their application.

They also include evidence of strong transferable skills, showing organisation, leadership and an ongoing commitment to their field. The last example is especially relevant to the curatorial and communicative aspects of the course and is likely to be one of the most convincing elements in this postgraduate personal statement example.

Linking these qualities and experiences to specific aspects of the course would have added even more value to this application.

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Personal Statement Example: Justification For Study

“My desire to receive an education which will equip me with the tools to solve issues in this field has led to this postgraduate application. The Slater Futures Institute is renowned for its impactful application of data science in the creative industries and capacity to reshape production modes, which dovetail neatly with my research interests. Modules such as Creative Markets and Intellectual Property in the Creative Industries will allow me to gain insight into financial, legal and social factors and enhance the accuracy and depth of my research on the issue of cost disease phenomenon in the film industry.”

Seeking reliable statistical data, I realised the value of quantitative research and programming skills in solving economic and management issues in the film industry. Studying Insights Through Data and Representing Data will allow me to interpret and predict trends and challenges in the film business more accurately through improved data analysis and visualisation skills. Similarly, critical reflection in the Ethical Data Futures module will allow me to work on a socially responsible project.

This programme’s focus on cross-disciplinary teamwork will enhance my creativity and lateral thinking. I look forward to sharing my unique understanding of the film market with like-minded peers who specialise in data skills. Together we will strategise future production and consumption models that will benefit the film industry. After graduating, I intend to work as a producer at a major streaming platform whilst developing my virtual studio and applying the creative thinking and cultural, social and economic values developed on this course.

My Commentary and Analysis: 

The writer focuses on the specifics of the course in this section and demonstrates their understanding of how modules and taught elements will be of value to their progression. This shows the reader that the applicant has a sound understanding of the course and is well-prepared for further study.

The range of transferable skills required for this course is well-considered, and the writer is able to identify the potential value of their future work, which is another valuable element to include.

They conclude by analysing the ways in which the course will aid their professional ambitions and, in doing so, continually demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the industry.

One of the strengths of this personal statement is the way in which the writer weaves evidence of their suitability with knowledge of the course being applied for. This stops the writing from becoming overly descriptive and adds a genuine sense of value to this personal statement.

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Personal Statement Example: Conclusion

“My internship experiences gave me intuitive access to the audience market. While promoting the animation film and its derivative products, I was tasked to find suitable influencers to produce and post their re-edited clips online. This reminded me of Philip Kotler’s concept of co-creation in Marketing 3.0. From a marketing perspective, re-creation is to interpret the original work from the audience’s perspective, which allows it to resonate widely and be used as an effective marketing channel. My knowledge of marketing strategies was also crucial during the review meeting of CoCo’s online TV series. Analysing reasons for low video playback, I discussed my opinions from a digital marketing perspective: consumer perception, price sensitivity and information recommendation mechanisms.

Dedicated to building an information platform for new filmmakers, I have applied my knowledge of business plan frameworks and executable promotion strategies to found a startup to develop a casting app. Over the last few months, our team have collaborated with campus film festivals and other local organisations to enhance the brand influence and expand shared audiences. I am confident that this level of relevant knowledge and training will provide a firm academic foundation for this MSc.”

My Commentary and Analysis

The first paragraph of this section successfully outlines the value of the writer’s internship experiences, giving the reader a strong sense of their ability to apply academic knowledge in a real-world setting.

Again, this works well as an indicator of admissions suitability. Although not immediately relevant to the choice of subject, the skills used underpin a master’s in the study of Creative Industries convincingly.

By outlining the development of a new app, the writer has shown evidence of an understanding of industry practices and also demonstrated a high level of ambition, technological innovation and leadership competency.

They draw this personal statement to a close with a relatively generic statement that indicates their suitability. This is a shame, as taking the opportunity to outline the value they intended to add to the university they’re applying for would have added a greater level of authenticity to this personal statement.

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