The Ultimate Personal Statement Guide

Get Your Ultimate Guide To Writing A Perfect Personal Statement

If you’re applying for a university course, you’ll need to write a personal statement.

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This Ultimate Personal Statement Guide gives you the key information you need to make yours engaging, compelling and successful.

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Because your personal statement is your gateway to the educational future you’ve been dreaming of, so it’s vital that you get the best advice available…

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You’ll discover the secrets to planning, structuring and writing your content, learn how to craft compelling opening and closing paragraphs and unpick the secrets of writing about your academic and practical experiences in ways admissions tutors love.

Want to know how to write about your transferable skills?

Unsure about how to use quotes or which sentence starters are most effective?

Baffled about style, originality, plagiarism or the impact of AI on your personal statement?

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Want to better understand what’s expected in undergraduate and postgraduate personal statements?

You’ll find the answers to your questions in the Ultimate Personal Statement Guide, along with an extensive range of valuable content.

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18 chapters of solid gold advice, wisdom and actionable examples covering every aspect of writing. perfect personal statement. Plus…


19 original personal statement examples covering undergraduate and postgraduate applications, so you can see how these ideas work in practice.

10 exclusive personal statement templates for compelling structures.

The top 10 interview questions universities ask are broken down in detail, with example answers.

Advice on Oxbridge applications, personal statements for Medicine, statements of purpose and much, much more.

This guide is the combined wisdom of my 20 years of experience working with applicants in the higher education system. I can guarantee that I’ve included everything you could possibly need to craft a powerful and engaging personal statement!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Get When I Download The Ultimate Personal Statement Guide?

128 pages of detailed, comprehensive and exclusive content, all written to help you write the best personal statement possible. It’s packed full of valuable personal statement examples, information, strategies, templates and advice, perfect for both graduate and undergraduate applications.

You can download the Ultimate Personal Statement Guide as a PDF file to any compatible device.

What’s Inside The Ultimate Personal Statement Guide?

Once you’ve downloaded the Ultimate Personal Statement Guide, you’ll have access to the following exclusive expert content:

Chapter 1. What Is A Personal Statement?
Chapter 2. What To Do Before You Start Writing A Personal Statement
Chapter 3. Structuring Your Personal Statement
Chapter 4. Writing A Great First Paragraph
Chapter 5. Writing About Your Academic Experience
Chapter 6. Writing About Your Practical Experience
Chapter 7. Writing A Great Personal Statement Conclusion
Chapter 8. Skills You Must Include In Your Personal Statement
Chapter 9. Using Quotes In Your Personal Statement
Chapter 10. Personal Statement Sentence Starters
Chapter 11. What To Avoid In A Personal Statement
Chapter 12. How To Write About Yourself Successfully
Chapter 13. How To Edit, Check And Revise Your Personal Statement
Chapter 14. How Original Should Your Personal Statement Be?
Chapter 15. How To Write A Last-Minute Personal Statement
Chapter 16. How To Write An Oxbridge Personal Statement
Chapter 17. Writing A UCAS Undergraduate Personal Statement
Chapter 18. Writing A Postgraduate Personal Statement
Bonus Chapter: 10 Questions Universities Ask, And How To Answer Them!
Appendix 1. 10 Exclusive Template Resources
Appendix 2. Examples Of Personal Statements With An Academic Focus
Appendix 3. Examples Of Personal Statements With A Practical Focus
Appendix 4. How To Write About Yourself Resource
Appendix 5. Examples Of UCAS Undergraduate Personal Statements
Appendix 6. Examples Of Postgraduate Personal Statement Examples

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